Hello Herman the Film

“If we hope to heal the pain, we must first discover the cause” Ancient Proverb

The past week was a busy one in my
world. There was a lot going on off and on the internet.  On Friday, I was privileged to see Michelle Danner’s Hello Herman. This is a movie that leaves quite the impression on a person and something I believe every adult in this nation needs to see.

Hello Herman centers around a 15 year old named   Herman Howards (Garrett Backstrom).  He has suffered great loss in his life. His father walked out on him and his family as a child. A sister is accidently killed and he cannot find his mother as it happens. The mother (Michelle Danner) has to work long hours. If this is not enough, he is abused at school by his peers. He is sad, angry and vulnerable to any human interaction. As he does not have much interaction, he plays video games and has learned from them. If you take all of this and bring it all together, we have someone who is starved for love. This is Herman Howards and he goes to great lengths to be heard.

Lax Morales (Norman Reedus) is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who uncovered white supremacy in the south. His work is online and not in the mainstream media. He does not live up the “standards” of the established journalist. He helps Herman tell his story. Also, deals with his own past.

Herman committed a school shooting with 39 students and three teachers as victims. We see him getting abused by his peers on a regular basis. Two abusers dunk his head in the toilet. Another pretends to be a girl he likes online. This leads to him professing his love for her in a video. It is not the girl behind the screen, but more abusers. The video is shared all over the school. At home, he is lonely as he plays video games all day. He finally snaps and takes a gun to the school. After the
massacre, he is arrested. Eventually, his sentence is death by the electric chair. Lax Morales comes to the prison to get his story for his online show.  Through flashbacks, we learn of what Herman had to deal with in his life. We get to see the apathy in the adults around him. We have a Senator who wants this “crazy kid” to fry in the electric chair. There is an insensitive news anchor (Rob Estes) who talks about what a disturbed kid Herman is. As all of this unfolds around them, people are running around asking why this occurred.  People asked a lot of questions. However, it never registered with them as to why this happened. At the end of the movie, Lax confronts Herman as to why he went to these measures to be heard. Herman says he wanted a few minutes of power. However, the bottom line was he was a human being. A human being nobody would listen to. A human life that was devalued.

This movie was dead on with what I have been saying for years about Peer Abuse.
Adults, you MUST get educated. Adults, you MUST step up. We live in a world of
pleasure and self-centered behavior. No, I am not trying to play judge and jury
here. I am stating what I see on a daily basis. Also, the point this movie was
trying to get across. How can we expect our children to be healthy, well-adjusted individuals if WE cannot even see they are suffering and need help? In the movie, Herman tells Lax that kids do all kinds of things that their parents have no knowledge of. Also, things parents would not even dream their kids would do.  I hear this about kids who are abusive. Their parents will not listen or they deny it. As an expert in peer abuse, I do know that it takes adults to stop this problem. We cannot rely upon kids to stop it on their own.  I will come on Facebook and circulate petitions or other things. Instead of people taking the time to look, they comment on what is for dinner and other insignificant things. Open your eyes adults! Step up! Why must you be so apathetic to what is happening around you? Why won’t you get educated? Why do you not listen? Why are you not listening to the children? Why do you minimize these problems?  Why ? Why? WHY???

Hello Herman is an eye opener. I recommend people to see it. Our kids are killing
themselves and each other. If we want a future, we must deal with the present.

“If we hope to heal the pain, we must first discover the cause” Ancient Proverb

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