Now Lets Really Get Started!

Hidy ho! Yes, still on sabbatical and still trying to move into social media and reconnect on here. I want to let you know that I will start allowing comments in the next post and from here on out. I wanted these first few posts to give you an idea of what will be done here. I wanted to give you a new beginning but also share how all of this came into existence. Also, some of what I have learned so I can share with you. Friendship is a relationship yet one that is very underappreciated. We focus so much on family (as we should) and romance. We need to allow friends to count too. As survivors, we struggle with this as adults. We missed so much! So, lets try and see if we can get some healthier ideas on the subject. I will post other stuff that is newsworthy. However, this is something we need to really take a look at.

Thanks for reading…..



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