Spammers: A Polite Request

You know…..its a real drain to go online, check email and find a zillion messages about needing to approve posts on here for publication. A lot of them come from spammers. I get stuff from someone selling shoes to eating broccoli at a low price. Or, someone selling a country where I can set up a nice house, build a pool, live off of the land for ever and ever. All at a reasonable rate! Or, someone is looking for love and needing to hook up. It is endless. It is annoying. It needs to STOP!

If you are someone trying to sell, rent, give or just trying to post to be posting and it is not remotely in response to a post, I will be as diplomatic as I can and ask you nicely to move on.  I don’t want to date a monkey, sail the latest Love Boat cruise or even purchase a bag of broccoli if I sacrifice a kidney. That is NOT the purpose of this site. I am sure you can find takers elsewhere. So please…… posting, pinging, blinging or anything elseing here okay?

I would greatly appreciate it. Have a blessed day!

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