Hey y’all! Happy almost 4th of July! I hope your summer is going good. Are you taking any vacays? What about staycays? Despite that I hope you are living it up! Fall will be here soon! YAY!

So…..I have needed to get started on this blog and am just getting around to it. Things keep me busy and as they say…….busy  is good! Mucho Bueno! Yes, we are going to talk friendship since hardly, if anyone, talks this stuff. There is so much crazy out there now that it can be hard to know who is your friend and who is not.

Sad and a bit disturbing, huh? Well, lets talk it up here on the blog here!

Sometimes, when doing something new, getting icebreakers is a tall order. After all, we are talking to strangers on here. We are also talking depressing things. Overwhelming things.

Let’s change that….

Lets get started. I am going to list 20 questions. They are simple questions and can be used to help in learning about others. I use to get these a lot in email as I am sure you as well. SO………grab your seatbelt and hang on tight, lol.

Lets do this!

What is your name (Feel free to use a moniker. I certainly understand if you wish to): Peer Abuse, Elizabeth Bennett

What is your favorite color( s): Purple, pink and blue.

Favorite food (s): Spaghetti……baked is the best

Favorite TV show (s): I don’t watch TV. Nothing but insanity on there now.

Favorite Movie (s): Girl Interrupted, Ann of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice, Grease

Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper

Summer, fall, winter or spring? Fall

Favorite subject(S): Psychology, English

What do you do in your free time? Read, write, play cards, swim, sleep, thrift shopping, biking, anything psychological (type watching people watching).  Vintage shopping.

What are your strengths: Adaptability, sensitivity, accepting, helping others, full of faith , hope and love. Also, diplomatic, strong, can see another persons point of view (empathetic). Trustworthy, loyal. LOVE to help others (lets face facts. I am a helpaholic).

What are your weaknesses: Stubborness, moodiness, loathe cell phones, vulnerability, do not trust easily, not the most sociable person. Tend to avoid talking about things that are needed to be talked about. Tend to be anxious…..tend to keep things bottled up only to have them find their way out at some point.

The beach, lake, desert or mountains? The beach!

Do you come to decisions easily? Nope!

Leader or follower: Both…either role works.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? I wish I could be sociable and not fear getting to know people. I know I am hard to get to know..

Twitter or Facebook? Facebook

If you were granted three wishes, what would they be? To stop all peer abuse, my mama would be well and my friend would be free from prison.

Favorite music genre: Late 60’s to early 70’s, R & B, contemporary Christian, jazz (Michael Buble especially).

Have you ever been in the media? If so, what? Newspaper, TV, movies, social media, radio. All having to do with bullying/peer abuse.

Have you ever googled yourself? Yes

Anything else? I hope this blog blossoms this summer and we can learn things about being good friends or learn to be good friends to others. 🙂

Thanks for coming over! Feel free to post or just lurk! Have a good day. 🙂

PS: A lot has happened in the news over the past several months. This has been nationally and even in my home state. Please, unless it pertains to friendship lets try to avoid these topics. I know we have lost many friends based on opinions we have. So, that is painful enough. Feel free to talk about how losing the friend made you feel but please keep the drama/politics of it all off of here, k? Thank you!







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