The Clique Summer Series

Hello everyone! Welp, summer is almost over and the kids will be headed back to school. Usually, I have more free time in the summer as I do not have many seeking help or needing a speaker. Things calm down some here. Life is a bit slower. I should be happy.

I am so ready for fall! I want my life back! I want to see my sista’s from the same mista! I want my Clemson football! Thanksgiving is my favorite day! HURRRY!!!!!!!!

As I am aware that school is starting in a few weeks, I wanted to share a blog I created in 2010. It was a summer project I did on the tween book series The Clique by Lisi Harrison. These were a series of books written for tween and teen girls in the 00’s. They revolved around a Queen Bee named Massie and her four faithful followers. I did not write about the whole series, just the books that had everyone build Massie up and made her the monster she became. In the last book, I showed how she was dethroned and blamed everyone around her for creating what she became. I still do. If you keep giving someone a lot of social power or even power, they will start believing they are so special and start treating others terribly. Then once they fall, they become just as traumatized as those around that they themselves traumatized. My goal was not to insult Lisi Harrison or her work. Quite the opposite; I wanted people to see that through these books, Ms. Harrison had a clear understanding of these social dynamics in these situations. What is sad though is she got the inspiration for these books from the people she worked with at one point. No, not any children but adults who behaved as badly as children do socially. As adults we should know better but I see it all the time.

Will we ever grow up?

I did this series because I wanted people to see for themselves the things I talk about with friendships in girls. Through these books I was able to share the building up of a queen and how those around her do it whether it be intentional or not on their part. The adults who allowed it to happen by not holding accountability. The peers who feared and acted as they did so they would not be abused. The bystanders who desired to be part of this group of abuse. The dysfunction these relationships bring. The poison everyone experiences. The psychological problems that developed as a result of this. Sometimes, just saying and speaking on it is not enough. People need to actually walk through and see or read for themselves.

I know many adults who survived this childhood peer abuse have horrible memories of situations such as this. Some survivors have come from being part of cliques such as this. Others desired to get in but got abused out. Then there are those who were disgusted by them and stayed away. As a result, they got abused for other reasons. There are some who were kicked out by the queen and experienced abuse. Every story is unique and no two people live identical lives or see things the same way. I just know that as adults, they struggle with these sort of things. I admit for a long time I did. I am learning now healthy social skills and am doing it a step at a time and a day at a time. Finally, I believe off the internet, I am learning to love others and be accepted for me. I have learned healthy social dynamics and situations. It has been a blessing. A lot of prayers and healing but it was done. It was the internet that did help me start healing. It was worth it!

Thank you Jesus!

So, without further adieu, here is a link to The Clique Summer Series! Its long but worth the read. If anything, learn from this. I made suggestions to parents and adults. No, not to tell them how to raise children or run their lives. I did it so it would help them see these things and learn what to do with their own children in these situations. Again, here is the link.

Have a good week! Be well! Be Blessed! Be YOU!

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