A Heads Up!

Hello! I am here briefly as I wanted to leave a bit of information here. Please know that anything posted on here is my work. This means that I own this and if anyone wishes to use it, please credit me accordingly. As you see, I have a couple of posts on here where I used the work of someone else. However, I credited them accordingly. This is their work not mine. I just used it to show how it can help those of us who are adults and coping with childhood peer abuse from our peer group. I see far too much of this happen online. Also, its a pet peeve of mine.  I am normally a nice, pleasant person who is drama free. However, if I catch anyone doing this…..well, I may not be so nice. Soooo…….with that I bid you adeau for now…..enjoy the end of summer. Hallelujiah we are almost done with it! Bring on fall! Most importantly, be you!

Oh there is more…..

Also, I am slooowly learning how to add photos and videos to these posts. Right now, I am in the figuring out stage. So, please be patient with me as I tackle this task. I am just not that technologically sophisticated.



Elizabeth 🙂


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