Heart of Spring! YAY! Spring has Sprung!

heart of spring oneWell Well…..you are probably shocked to see me put a post on here. No, really! I admit, I have been behind and promised something earlier. Feel free to hate me.  Life gets a bit crazy sometimes.  Well…a lot….

Wait! Don’t go….this time I have something very interesting. Look to the left and you see a photo,  right?

Guess what! The Hallmark Channel is airing its new movie entitled Heart of Spring. This stars Lisa Whelchel and Michael Shanks.

Let’s learn more about this movie! Who’s in?

A single mom, Carly Ashby (Whelchel) is a famous blogger. Her blog is about her passion for parenting and she also runs a flower shop. There is one particular blogger, Jugglingdad, who attacks her and sees parenting in a much different light. (In our world, this may be a case of cyberbullying. However, need to see the movie first to decide if that is the case or not).  Offline,  Ashby has met this great guy, Dr. Andy Sommers (Shanks). They are both single parents and she falls hard for him. Sounds like a fairy tale and they hit it off and everyone lives happily ever after, right?


You can guess who this guy is online. It’s simple!

Mr. Wonderful is…………………………….wait for it…




YES!!! For real!

What are the odds?

Imagine! This online enemy is a great catch offline. As you can guess this will get interesting as the movie goes along. My guess is when Carly finds this out she probably feels like she has been hit by a Mac truck. As for Jugglingdad? He probably wants a one way ticket to skedaddle out of town and fast! Awkward is probably an understatement here.  I guess we have to watch and see how this plays out…..

Anyhoots, this looks to be a sweet movie. You have family, romance and a little something for everyone. Do you want to see a preview? Go to You Tube and check it out.

heart of spring twoSooooo……..mark your calendars! Grab a bowl of popcorn! Tune in to Hallmark this Saturday, April 9, at 9 PM EST and 8 PM EST.


Enjoy the movie!!!!


As a side note: Lisa Whelchel starred in The Facts of Life back in the 80’s. A few years ago, she wrote a book Friendship For Grown-Ups: What I Missed And Learned Along The Way. Like us, she missed out on learning healthy social skills. However, hers were due to being on television. I have no idea if she is a survivor or not. As for the 80’s, I have successfully blurred a lot of these memories. However, I still enjoy the music of Stevie Wonder and Joe Jackson. They are timeless!

Photos: Courtesy of The Hallmark Channel. Thanks Ron Del Rio for your help!



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