Elizabeth is a nice, resourceful and knowledgeable educator on the issues of Peer Abuse and the causes of it and to lessen its affects. She passionately cares about
what she is doing and goes above and beyond to make a positive influence in our

Kathy Noll, Taking the Bully by the Horns, Pennsylvania

“I met Elizabeth through networking after I was a Crisis Counselor at Columbine High School 4/20/99. I had researched the main causes of school violence and being bullied as told by teens was the reason why. After going through Peer Abuse herself Elizabeth has dedicated her life towards helping others how harmful bullying can be. The affects from bullying stay with children for the rest of their lives. Elizabeth shares important information on how to stop bullying. For that I highly applaud her journey in educating others.

Ruthie Owen, former Columbine Crisis Counselor, Colorado

“Elizabeth Bennett shares a wide range of sound professional advice and resources to children, teenagers and educators. Her call to stand against the injustice of Peer Abuse is heartfelt and an empowering example of the type of compassionate involvement our society needs in adults.”

Tami McCandlish, Flying Grounded: My Spiritual Triumph over Female Bullying, Ohio

“A woman with a heart. Caring, giving and loving.”

Kathleen Gage, Street Smart Marketing, Oregon

“Most people make a difference in their lives. Elizabeth is one of the few self-directed individuals making a difference with their lives. Many people sleep peacefully at night because of her. Amazing lady.”

James Roswell Quinn, The Love Based Leader, Illinois

“Elizabeth is a warm and caring person who has a strong sense of social justice. She is a good person who tries to right a wrong. Sees war and tries to stop it. If more people were for the dignity of others like Elizabeth the world would be a better place.”

Maureen Brill, Adult Survivor of Peer Abuse, Illinois

” I am pleased to recommend Elizabeth who is truly committed to addressing bullying and bringing awareness to the masses. She has been a leader in addressing this issue and helped people deal with this tragic issue that occurs in the workplace.”

W. Barry Nixon, National Institute for the Prevention of Workplace Violence, California

“Elizabeth is a caring person. I am proud to know her
and even more proud to work alongside her in order to stop Peer Abuse,
Relational Aggression as well as Bullycide. We both work hard to protect
children that are abused by their peers and with Adult Survivors of Peer

Patty Toler, Parent and Adult Survivor, Maryland

“We have known Elizabeth for the past eight years in her work regarding Peer Abuse and getting laws passed. She is a hard worker and a fighter when it comes to getting this problem nipped in the bud and is passionate for what she does for our nation’s children. Elizabeth would be a great help to any program or whatever the circumstances may be.”

Kate and Michael Hannon, Adult Survivors and advocates, West Virginia

“I admire Elizabeth Bennett’s work advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves. She has been an active proponent in creating awareness regarding bullying and in all forms in which it exists. She has taken a compassionately active stance particularly in working with victims. I do think helping to heal is her forte and I hope she continues to spread the message and helps all of those whose hands extend.”

Bunny Dunn, Adult Survivor and Parent, Utah

“Elizabeth is an honest, hard working, compassionate person who is always there for anyone who needs assistance if they are victims of harassment or Peer Abuse. Elizabeth comes across as approachable as she is direct but passionate. Elizabeth is knowledgeable about the content of abuse as she can take control of the situation and support the victim. She uses her actions to convey the same message whether personally, orally or in written form.”

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen, Premium Promotional Services, Saskatchewan

“The work Elizabeth does is greatly needed and incredibly inspiring. She is an amazing woman and we are honored to be part of her circle.”

Serena, Kiley and Tess, Truth on Earth Band, Illinois

“Elizabeth offers incredible knowledge on all bullying issues. Her courageous effort to get the word out helps many kids and adults”

Marjie Knudsen, National School Climate Center, Oregon

“Elizabeth Bennett is in tune with what our society is labeling as bullying. In reality it is peer abuse. What people are missing is what Elizabeth specializes in-how adult bullying is not only destroying long reputable careers; it is literally harming people emotionally. The mental health abuse this can have on adults is overwhelming. As both a victim and survivor of peer abuse, I wish I knew Elizabeth when I was struggling with stalkers and downright mean people-and they were adults. Her passion and compassion speaks volumes through her work and dedication to help others. Thank you for being a part of my parade of friends that I trust and admire.

Sue Scheff, Author and Parent Advocate

Book Testimonials

“As a survivor of peer abuse, I found Elizabeth’s book both empathetic and
insightful. I highly recommend it.”

Drew Mitchell,  Survivor

“Because the effects of bullying are hidden, this resource shows exactly what bullies and their enablers DON’T want you to know: bullying is abuse. There ARE survivors and they WILL speak out. Everyone should read this, whether or not you are aware that bullying affects YOUR life.”

Rebecca Freeman, Survivor

“This book is an excellent primer on the varied types of bullying/peer
abuse. It speaks to the long term effects on the victims and empathizes with
what they endure. It speaks to the abusers, who are usually in denial over
their behavior, and spells out clearly that if you are targeting someone in one
of these many ways, you are guilty of abuse.

Ms. Bennett shares sad stories of abuse of varying degrees. She tells us of
families who have suffered and have had the strength to use their experience to
help others.

Bullying/Peer Abuse is an issue whose time has come. Recent events in the news
are the tip of the iceberg of this epidemic. Ms. Bennett’s book should be
required reading for all educators and probably all children of middle school
age. It is step one to gaining the knowledge and ending the abhorrent terrorizing
of our children that takes place in our neighborhoods and schools. This
affliction is widespread and does not limit itself based on socioeconomic

Ms. Bennett’s bio tells us of her ongoing work to support victims and families.
Her experience in this area is a bonus as it helps her to provide the keen
insight evident in this book. Thanks to Ms. Bennett for this book.”

Maryjana Mover, Parent

“Elizabeth Bennett’s Peer Abuse Know More! Bullying From a
Psychological Perspective is a very important read for anyone who has ever been bullied, who has bullied another, or is connected with this phenomenon directly or
indirectly. Bennett covers the bullying cycle in great detail from types of
bullying, to the impact, then onto interventions. This book could be considered
a life-saver for those victimized by bullying. Bennett not only deals with it
as a childhood problem but takes it into adulthood and brings home how the
scars, the wounds, unhealed years later continue to impact quality of life.
Where this excels is in her intervention and examples, which show how with
knowledge and understanding, plus gaining some beneficial tools one can, take
back their life. Bennett gives excellent situational analysis to bring home her
points, and it is through the telling of her own story, her life situation with
abuse, and how she rose above it that this story shines, for in her own example
is the most important element of the entire read: there is hope, for regaining
and living a life free of depression, PTSD reactions, and the ill effects caused
by the traumatic experiences incurred through bullying.”

Paulette Mahurin

“This is unlike any book on bullying that I have ever read before. It really sheds light on the bullying epidemic and explores affects on bullies and targets that are long overdue. She is very honest with her treatment suggestions and tells it like it is. I would recommend for parents of bullied children and adults who have scars from being bullied and adults in the workplace being bullied.”

Ann S., Parent, Adult Survivor Massachusetts

“I received the author’s book to read and review for her. I am glad she sent it to me as I am an anti-bullying advocate and her book is what is needed to properly address the problem of Peer Abuse aka bullying. This book contains information for those who are parents, educators, therapists or are dealing with this in your own life. The book offers signs, symptoms, theories and possible treatment options for those dealing with Peer Abuse. I highly recommend this resource and tool for those dealing with this problem.”

Harold Cameron, How to be Positive in a Negative World, Pennsylvania









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